Dental implants

5 Reasons Why Dental Implants Shouldn’t Scare You

For the most part, dental implants are used to replace either a single tooth, several teeth or the full set entirely. Consisting of a small titanium screw that acts to serve as a replacement of the root portion, dental implants are the closest thing to playing the part of natural teeth. Function is foremost when undertaking such a procedure, the aesthetics part comes as a bonus. Check out the following five facts which will convince you why dental implants are from scary.


A Sound Structure

Teeth play several important roles in terms of stability, protection, and support. Tooth roots aid in holding other teeth in place. They play a critical role in maintaining health for surrounding gums and most importantly they help support and strengthen bone structure. So when teeth start falling out, all three of these aspects begin taking a toll on overall dental health. Dental implants help fill in the gap, quite literally.


Full Chewing Power Ahead

Food, in general, is a crucial part of everyday life. But for the many who cherish eating their favorite foods and are unable due to missing teeth, dental implants are a godsend. While traditional dentures can slip or slide during mealtimes, fixed dental implants that are inserted directly into the jawbone and are made of a strong tooth-like material will not budge, allowing you to chew, gnaw and crunch happily.


Partner For Life

Where some will argue that the lifespan of dental implants is up to 25 years. Most will agree that with proper oral hygiene, they can last up to a lifetime. While you may be excited at the possibility of gnawing on hard items again, do avoid chewing on pen tips, pencils or bottle caps. Remember to floss and brush daily and be sure to visit a dentist every six months, for all of this comes under good dental hygiene.


Bye Bye Gum Disease

Whether it’s a mild case of gingivitis or a more severe form of periodontitis, gum disease is no stroll in the park. And since gum disease is one of the primary causes of tooth loss itself, it becomes a non-issue once you get dental implants.


Say Cheese With Confidence

Even though this reason doesn’t have any medical benefits, it ends up being one of the primary factors for getting dental implants. Whether you’ve lost one tooth or the full set, its effect does take a toll on your daily life. And because dental implants look and feel like natural teeth, they are great for restoring lost self-esteem and boosting confidence.


 A full, healthy set of teeth is everyone’s basic requirement but a lot of personal time, effort and money is needed in order to maintain this. Even then, some people are required to get quite a bit of professional help in this department.

There can be several different factors why one would require dental implants and there should be no reason to be scared if the situation does arise. Expert orthodontists are on-site at German Dental and will ensure patients receive the utmost care starting from the consultation all the way to post-care.

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