5 Myths That Are Widely Believed About Braces

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When we talk about dental braces we instantly think of metal brackets. These are attached to the surface of the teeth that help to align them better and appear straighter overtime. Today, however, its definition can go beyond metal wires and brackets. The following list of myths will help you debunk false statements surrounding dental braces and be better informed on your next visit to the orthodontist.

Braces Are Only Available in Metal

Most people believe only metal braces are available for the treatment of misaligned and crooked teeth. This remains untrue since invisible as well as natural teeth color braces are also available in the market to cater to the aesthetic looks of your teeth. 

Invisible braces or aligners are used for both the upper and lower set of teeth and can be worn for the  entire day while providing the same benefits as traditional metal braces. There are also ceramic braces that can be installed at the back surface of your teeth which will help align them while remaining hidden to the common eye. 

Only Children Can Have Them Installed

A popular myth is that only children, pre-teens, and teenagers can have braces placed on their teeth. This is untrue as braces can be installed for any individual at any age as long as their teeth structure is strong enough to withstand the orthodontic treatment.

Adults can choose to install invisible aligners over traditional metal braces for a natural and comfortable look and feel throughout the day. This will not affect the appearance of your teeth on the outside and suit the needs of your professional setting.

Braces Need A Long Treatment Time

Most people estimate nearly two to three years’ worth of time is needed for braces to provide desired results. This is untrue as each orthodontic treatment differs from person to person. Depending on an individual’s need, the orthodontist will decide on the time period needed to make necessary adjustments. Many patients only require six months of treatment as their corrections are minimal and their teeth alignment can be easily and quickly changed as is true for young children. 

Your Teeth Are Perfect Once Braces Are Removed

After your entire treatment plan has been completed, it is commonly believed that your teeth will remain in their new placement without the need for further intervention. However, this is not true as dentists recommend patients to use retainers for at least one year after their braces have been removed. 

This will help your teeth remain in their new alignment and will prevent them from moving back to their original positions and impacting the beauty of your smile. When retainers are unable to help maintain alignment, you may need to schedule frequent follow-ups with your orthodontist to correct the arrangement. 

Your Activities Will Be Limited with Braces

Several individuals believe that their favorite recreational activities will need to be completely halted with the installment of braces. You can definitely continue to sing, play musical instruments, and participate in any and every sports activity with your braces. 

With musical instruments, you might experience certain difficulty and may require a certain amount of time to get adjusted. Meanwhile, in any contact sports, a mouthguard can be used to keep your teeth and jaw protected.  

With the right information on braces, you can now reap the benefits of this orthodontic treatment. To book a consultation with our orthodontic specialists, contact us and start treating your teeth in the best way possible today. 

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