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4 Top reasons why veneers are popular

Looking for someone who actually likes a trip to the dentist is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Regardless of whether it is a dentist in Dubai, Japan or England, it is always an unpleasant experience especially as mostly treatments are rather invasive and albeit painful. While proper dental hygiene is the best solution, of all the treatments there are, veneers are actually the lesser evil. In fact, they have been widely hailed for their benefits and more and more people around the world are embracing their usefulness. If you have never had a treatment before, it would be better for you to know just how far it can get you.

Crooked teeth? Stains not coming off? Discolouration way too set in? Veneers are now the solution for many more reasons than one. Provided you take good care of them, they can last up-to a whopping 15-20 years. Still considering? Consider these points first!

  • FLAWLESS APPEARANCE: A person’s eyes and smile has the ability to really help you gauge their personality. Unfortunately, as smiles are easily noticeable people with dental issues tend to hide their smile which gives off the wrong impression. Problematic teeth should never be a reason for people to feel left out, and veneers in Dubai as well as around the world, have been rising in popularity to deal with just that. They can straighten teeth while also immediately illuminating them if they are dull and stained.
  • AU NATURALE: As of late, ‘au naturale’ has been all the rage. Be it makeup or hair, the fake look is not something people of today are willing to put up with. Fortunately, veneers blend in seamlessly as they can not only get them shaped according to your size, but colour as well. For veneers to look out of place, the dentist would have to be incredibly unskilled! Go forth and venture out with your new look!
  • SAFETY: Our lifestyles today, mean that enamel is barely protected, resulting in wearing down and chipping. Over time it becomes hard to eat and drink as there is not enough substance to allow the tooth to function as normal. Veneers add depth to the tooth and aid in reinforcing teeth that may have lost their strength.
  • MAINTAIN AS NORMAL: Wondering how to take care of your new chompers? Do not stress. All you have to do, is brush and floss as normal, just how you would your normal teeth. Take care not to break hard food with your teeth as such actions could easily crack your veneers… they are porcelain after all! If you would like to eat apples or other hard candy and biscuits, either cut them up first or break them up into bite-sized pieces.
  • Just bear in mind that veneers are actually a part of aesthetic dentistry, and is not a solution for cavities, tooth decay and so on. If there is a much bigger problem, it is better that you address that first and then consider the cosmetic angle. Always take good care of your teeth so you can enjoy a high quality of life!