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4 Tips on how to keep your family’s teeth in great shape

When it comes to your family, obviously you are concerned about their health and well-being. Aside from eating well, getting enough sleep and of course getting some form of regular exercise are some of the ways that are popular to maintaining a healthy body and mind. Many though, tend to forget that their teeth are also important until it is too late. Not incorporating good oral hygiene practices can lead to problems later on in life. Did you know that not paying enough attention to the condition of your teeth can not only worsen dental health but also lead to other risks such as cardiovascular disease?

If you expect each person to be responsible for their dental health, you must implement certain household strategies for everyone to follow. Not only will it be more fun to do it as a team, it will also keep your family unit happy and healthy. After all, would you not like to see their sparkling smiles and see them enjoying all their favourite foods? Here are some guidelines you can follow which will help you get everyone back on track.

  • EARLY DENTAL PRACTICES: Amongst everything you will be teaching your children, lessons on healthy dental hygiene practices are also necessary. Give your children an early start with maintaining their teeth. Teach them how to brush safely and how to get rid of food particles in between their teeth, and get them to brush their teeth after meals. Do not give them excessive amounts of candy since it is one of the worst things you can do. According to recent research, an alarming number of children go through tooth decay and cavities before they have even begun school. Not good. Do your bit to help change this situation around.
  • FLOSS: Yes brushing is one of the points being driven into us since a very young age, however many tend to assume this is good enough. Your brush cannot reach every spot, and so you will find bits of food that have gotten left behind. This is where flossing comes in, as you can be sure of getting rid of every little morsel. For very young children, do not do this as they could injure their gums, but for older ones, why not introduce them to it?
  • FOOD AND DRINK: What we consume, we become. And this is not related to just teeth. If you were to eat fast-food at a stretch for an entire month, you will see the toll this takes on your body and health. Over time, your family’s teeth also begin to suffer, so when making choices on food do so smartly and wisely. Always opt for healthy greens and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Raw vegetables such as carrots can help clean out teeth particularly after meals. Although the occasional treat is harmless, avoid sugar as a whole since you also have to worry about diabetes.
  • REGULAR APPOINTMENTS: Whether you are consulting a dentist in Dubai or wherever you are, make sure you do so regularly. Book the whole family in for a check-up to ensure there are no surprises or festering issues. Getting a head-start on things will help turn the situation around especially if it is bad and needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

When it comes to teeth whitening, veneers in Dubai for example are a possibility and they are also widely available in other parts of the world. However, prevention is better than cure as they say, so stick to the guide above for best results!