4 Tips For Whiter & Brighter Teeth!

Human beings can be quite self-conscious creatures and pay an awful lot of attention to their appearance. Be it hair, clothes, or makeup, everything plays a role in forming opinions especially in the 21st century where people are strapped for time and hence make their judgements quite quickly. Contributing towards this, are your teeth as it can really speak volumes about your oral hygiene, as well as your personality; mainly because those with problematic teeth tend to hide behind a masked smile or not smile at all which portrays them in a less than positive angle.

Aside from crooked, irregular teeth, one of the biggest problems our world is facing is staining.

Thanks to bad habits such as smoking as well as indulging in coffee, wine and other liquids that speed up the process of discolouration, it has become quite widespread. Obviously for reasons more than yellowing teeth, smoking should in general be banned from your life as it can improve your health in many other ways as well. You can rack up quite a bill at the dentist be it a dentist in Dubai or anywhere else, if you keep booking appointments for professional teeth whitening. Why not have a glance through these points for maintenance and less trips?

  •  ABSTINENCE: Whenever a situation reaches fever-pitch, it generally means it is time to stop. If you have liver problems because of drinking, then you have to quit, and if you have breathing problems through smoking, again you have to quit. In the same way, if you are prone to eating dark foods such as curries maybe and are partial to your glass of wine in the evening and coffee at night, it is time to cut it out for a while. Another effective way of cleaning your teeth, is (believe it or not) an apple!
  • RAW VEGETABLES: While this is good for you in terms of providing your body with the necessary vitamins and minerals, and boosting your immunity system, did you know that regularly chewing on raw vegetables such as carrots and celery can also make a huge difference? Apples as mentioned above are one, and these make some handy snack as well during though hunger-pangs at work. A smart way to eat them, is at the end of your meal which works just as good as brushing your teeth.
  • BAKING SODA: Baking soda has been recommended in various home remedies be it a recipe, face pack, foot scrub you name it. It has some powerful properties which makes it one of the most popular ingredients out there, and it also works great on teeth. Considering how strong it is, once a week should be enough and you can use it just as you would your normal toothpaste.
  • VENEERS: Where discolouration is particularly severe and you cannot seem to fix the issue, you can locate dentists who would be able to fix veneers in Dubai or wherever is convenient for you. These are thin, shell like coverings which are fitted over your teeth and are individually shaped and coloured to suit your need.