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3 Signs Of Gum Disease

Of the many different dental ailments and conditions one is vulnerable to, gum disease is one of the least known about, as well as one of the most difficult to deal with. The latter is because of the nature of the condition, which makes life significantly harder during its onset. Whilst all dental complications have an impact on your everyday life, gum disease is particularly difficult, and hence needs to be prevented rather than cured.

Though an orthodontic specialist dubai is an integral part of your dental care, they aren’t associated with preventative care, which is what keeps things like gum disease at bay. However, since a majority of people don’t typically book dental checkups every six months like they’re meant to, this isn’t an option. Hence, we find people who are often quite far gone with the condition who come to us seeking for help.

In order to help raise awareness and of course prevent as many cases of gum disease as possible, we at German Dental Clinic have put together a list of 3 main symptoms you need to watch out for, that signal the onslaught of gum disease. Take a look.




This one is rather tricky, as bad breath can occur quite easily. If you don’t brush your teeth twice regularly, don’t go for professional clean-ups, nor floss, food particles will remain lodged between your teeth. We all know what happens from there on. The bacteria in your mouth then begins working on these particles, producing acids as a result. These acids in turn attack the surface of your teeth, creating a sticky film that tends to settle on your gum line at the edge of your teeth. If left unattended, this hardens and forms into plaque which isn’t exactly always visible. Plaque wreaks havoc in your mouth, and is a primary culprit where gum disease is concerned. So if you’ve got bad breath that won’t go away no matter what you do, best to get yourself checked up.




This is one of the most straightforward signs of gum disease there is. If your gums are bleeding, then that’s your cue to book an appointment right away if possible. Tender and bleeding gums are a massive tell-tale sign of gum disease, and makes it difficult for you to talk or eat, which as you can imagine, makes everything else a lot harder. How gum disease is treated depends from person to person depending on the severity of your individual condition. Any pending dental work including veneers dubai would need to be halted until you’re back to normal health.




If you find your gums slowly but steadily receding, that’s a warning bell. Though yes, we can sometimes push our gums further back by vigorous brushing, when it’s gum disease, this reduction is actually more pronounced. If your teeth are looking exceptionally and abnormally long, then you need to take it seriously and seek help. You should certainly stay clear of booking any appointments, whether it’s with an orthodontic specialist dubai or any other dentist for that matter. As mentioned above, until the issue at hand is taken care of, you can’t qualify for any other treatments, in the interest of your own health and safety.


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