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3 Main Symptoms Of Gum Disease Uncovered

When you hear the term ‘oral health’, people tend to automatically think about teeth. Only a few however, think about gums and teeth, which is how it should be. Oral hygiene extends to the entire oral cavity, so dental care covers both of these areas. What’s important to remember is that if you don’t take good care of your teeth, you’re going to definitely suffer from poor gum health too. Seeing as how the two are interconnected, it’s inevitable. It’s useless spending money on veneers in dubai if you’re not going to take care of deep-rooted problems first.


One of the biggest issues out there, is gum disease. Many people leave the first stage known as gingivitis untreated, which eventually leads to a much worse state of affairs, known as periodontitis. What’s even more alarming, is that as it turns out, not many people know how to identify creeping up gum disease until it’s too late. So, we decided to put together some of the main symptoms, to help those who are completely unaware.


BAD BREATH: There are many causes for bad breath, but if it’s persistent and has been around for a while and will not go away no matter how much mouthwash you invest in, you could be at risk of gum disease. An orthodontic specialist dubai can typically assist with bad breath as crooked teeth are often to blame since they’re difficult to clean, but in this case you need different treatment. However, bad breath alone isn’t a surefire sign of gum disease, so read on for more.


SWELLING AND PAIN: If your gums are feeling extremely tender and painful and appear red and swollen, these are definite signs of gum disease. You’ll find it hard to eat as chewing is also painful, and if you touch your gums, they’ll feel incredibly tender. Avoid foods that are hard to eat during this time, since you don’t want to place an excess strain until you’ve seen a dentist and had the situation tended to. Be careful when brushing your teeth as well, since your gums are vulnerable and can easily bleed if you accidentally brush them.


RECEDING GUMS: One way to identify gum disease, is to examine your teeth, if they appear to be lengthening over time and your gums are receding, then you need to pay attention. This happens because bacteria is destroying your gum tissue, hence causing them to reduce.  What’s scarier, is that it can affect the jaw bone that supports your teeth, so you need to be extra careful. Treatments like veneers dubai are usually postponed until such complications have been well and truly taken care of. Our dentists are particularly vigilant about ensuring your dental health is stellar before opting for cosmetic dentistry procedures.


We’ll also be sending you home with specific instruction on how to take care of yourself, and how to take care of your gums following the treatment to ensure you’re on the best path to recovery. Should there be any problem that comes up during this time, don’t hesitate to consult us immediately.