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Dental Implants from The Best

There can be no better dental clinic in Dubai to get the dental implant procedure done than German Dental and Neuromuscular Clinic (GDNC). This is one of the finest clinics for dental implant in Dubai.

The clinic has a glorious hi...

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How Cone Beam 3D imagery transformed the dental industry

Cone beam 3D imaging is a relatively new method of technology that was introduced in the mid 90’s to the dental industry...

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Narrowing down on the Cone Beam 3D technology

Our world is today mostly a digital maze of interwoven technology where one of the most popular introductions happens to be 3-dimensional technology, better known as 3D...

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dental veneers

The Dos and Don’ts for Getting Veneers

Only a person with less than perfect teeth would know the sorrows that one goes through, having to face the world with a smile which one is not fully satisfied with...

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Dental implants in Dubai

The story begins in the mid-1950’s in Sweden. A Swedish inventor by the name of Branemark was experimenting with metal implants in rabbits. While undertaking the experiments, the inventor came to a landmark discovery...

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