Sterelization Dubai

"Thanks to Dr. Fadi for the amazing job he did with my teeth. The implant looks real and feels absolutely amazing. All the staff at the clinic were very friendly and made me feel at home. I had a wonderful experience at German Dental Clinic. Will be going back there next month to remove my wisdom tooth. There's no where else I'd rather go for my dental treatments."

Brandon D Rozario

"As an Expat from the USA, I struggled to find a dentist in Dubai that was up to the standards. Dr. Abdolreza Nassouti took such wonderful care of me on an emergency treatment, with follow-up care and the use of state of the art technology; so I continued my general services at the clinic with satisfaction. The clinic and his services were even better than my treatments in the USA that I am sad to leave the UAE and begin another search."


"Well, if you are reading this testimonial then you probably have already made the right decision! I'm a patient of the German Dental Clinic since approx. 20 years and neither I nor the other members of my family have ever regretted using the clinic for all our dental needs. The broad variety of medical services offered makes it a “one stop” experience for "a better smile".
Very professional, fantastic service and best of all, flexible and punctual with appointments. Definitely a recommendable experience for something which normally gives you shivers.:-)"
Ottmar Lange

"Worth a one hour drive."
Walter Glasner, Ajman

"Dear German Dental & Neuromuscular Clinic,
I will follow you wherever you may go!!
I have been coming in and out of your clinic for God knows how many years now!! And each time is better than the last. I have nothing but sincere praise for the way this elegant clinic is run.
The doctors are so friendly and warm; non materialistic; possess great ethical standards of both their profession and their manners; explain very well the procedure; tolerate the behavior of their patients & hire the most beautiful of staff.
The staff is so friendly as well. They also perform their duties up to the best standard. And they follow up with their patients promptly without delay.
The clinic is always tidy and neat and deserves the envy of both housewives and housekeepers. The coffee is delicious and the utensils that are used are very expensively chosen!!
The bathroom is always clean and the smell is always fragrant!! And you guys, have the nicest toothbrushes I ever used! I always snatch one when I visit.
I can only wish this Clinic and its professional team more prosperity. And to its staff a great health, joy and peace. May you all have the best always."
Mae Hourani

"Since 9 years I am your patient.
Over all the years you and your team made a very good job!
Even my wife and a lot of friends we recommended to your clinic and all of them are very happy!
Maybe happy is not the correct word when we are talking about a dental clinic. :-)
Very much satisfied is better!
Thanks for all your support during the last years and our son will be your next patient soon!"
Thorsten Lutz

"I have dealt with many dentists in Dubai and internationally. I found that Dr. Jocelyne and her team as thorough in every aspect. They are thorough in diagnosing the problem, explaining what needs to be done, doing what needs to be done, and follow up after the treatment and/or operation. I drive out of my way to reach them and feel comfortable with the professional attention. They are also very friendly."
Musa Alsadoon

"Dr. Abdolreza Nassouti runs one of the few practices in Dubai that still focuses on genuine core patient medical values. The service, care, and attention to detail has not been compromised over the many years and is of 'A' rating. Thank you German Dental for being a constant of medical excellence in Dubai".
Shahab Almoosa

"Dr. Jocelyn is the perfect combination of intelligence, compassion, and artist. She has invested in "state of the art" technological advantages for her patient's comfort and results. After seeing such favorable results with our patients, I am glad to say I'm her patient too whenever I pass through Dubai."
Dr. Jeffry Finnigan

How we protect you

  • Our Infection control procedure and about Instrument sterilization

    There is always a risk of contracting an infection in ANY environment. The common cold is an everyday example.

    With our modern dental care at GDNC, you are assured that all precautions are being taken to protect you. Rest assured that your visits to the dentist are safe! Everything possible is done to protect you from infection. No one should avoid the dentist because of fear of infection.

  • Protecting you is our priority

    Protecting you from infection is of utmost important to us and we will take all necessary steps to ensure your safety.

  • Universal precautions

    Since there are many different diseases that are contagious (can be transmitted from one person to another), we assume that every encounter has the potential for infection. For that reason, we at GDNC follows guidelines known as universal precautions.

    Universal precaution means that we treat all patients as though they may be potentially infectious. This allows us to eliminate the possibility of passing a disease from one patient to another. Precautions are also taken to reduce the possibility of transmitting infection from a dental worker to a patient.

  • What specific steps are taken to control infection?

    At GDNC, we pay particular attention to general cleanliness, disinfection, sterilization, and the use of protective clothing when needed.

    We have a dedicated Central Sterilization Room. It is designed to ensure zoning and elimination of cross infection. All sterile instruments are covered and housed in sterile bays. Similar zones exist in each surgery.

  • Surface disinfection

    All surfaces that might possibly come into contact with infection-carrying materials are disinfected with approved chemicals between each patient.

  • Cleaning and sterilization of instruments

    Any instruments at GDNC that are not disposable are cleaned thoroughly using the latest ULTRASONIC CLEANING BATHS after being disinfected.

    A steam AUTOCLAVE is used to sterilize and conforms to the current strict guidelines. A regular annual maintenance and check ensure that our standards are maintained.

  • Selection of equipment that reduces the possibility of contamination

    Modem equipment greatly reduces the possibility of contamination and infection. Dental unit water systems are designed with special valves and certain disposable parts to ensure that the water supply for each patient is protected from disease-causing agents. Special coatings on dental units prevent bacterial colonies from forming. Automated internal disinfection systems are used daily to clean the systems. Parts are designed to be removable for disinfection.

    For instance, the use of suction devices to drain fluids from the mouth greatly reduces splatter that would result from spitting excess water from the mouth. Sterilized suction tips also contribute to infection control.

  • Protecting the dental worker

    Each individual dental care situation carries certain risks and the dental worker takes the recommended precautions for the specific situation.

    For instance, dental workers wear gloves if they expect their hands to be exposed to the saliva that may contain blood. In that way, the worker is protected from 'catching' a disease from a patient. The patient is also protected against diseases that might be transmitted to the patient from the worker’s hands.

    Similarly, if splashes or splatters are anticipated during dental care, the dental worker may wear a mask and eye protection goggles.

  • Hand washing

    A long approved method of reducing the possibility of infection is simply by hand washing. You'll notice that all dental workers wash their hands between each patient encounter. We use the same chemicals used by surgeons in operation.

  • In Summary

    We protect you in many different ways including:

    • Use of disposables, when possible.
    • Thorough cleaning and/or sterilization of all instruments.
    • Surface disinfection of contaminated surfaces.
    • Selection of equipment designed to prevent contamination.
    • Care and maintenance of dental units.
    • Vaccination of dental workers.
    • Hand washing to reduce bacteria in folds and grooves of skin.
    • Gloves to prevent direct contamination as well as cross-infection.
    • Protective eyewear.
    • Approved disposal methods for contaminated waste.

    If you have any questions about infection control at GDNC, please don't hesitate to ask our team. We will be glad to answer your questions. We believe that an informed patient contributes to the care process.

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Recent Google Reviews

Recent Google Reviews

Bexta Tierney, Sep 13, 2017

I've been a client for 21 years! I'm an intrepid dentist visitor but have ALWAYS appreciated the care and professionalism administered by the BRILLIANT Doctor Nassouti. I'm only sorry i wont be able to take him home to Britain with me! THANK YOU for your continued care & dedication to my smile. You have always put my nerves at ease and maintained my confidence.

Klim Popov, Jan 10, 2018

My phobia is extreme when it comes to the dentist. However coming to Dr. Jocelyne changed it all, she makes sure she explains everything she’s doing step by step to make me feel comfortable and not afraid. This experience is amazing. I love this place!!

kisseshugs xx, Feb 21, 2018

Always thought taking out wisdom teeth was a whole ordeal! But Dr.Fadi is a magician and it took him 5 Seconds to get rid of my tooth. I haven’t felt any paint or even discomfort after! Recommend this clinic to anybody who’s dreading the wisdom teeth removal 5/5 !I haven’t felt any paint or even discomfort after! Recommend this clinic to anybody who’s dreading the wisdom teeth removal 5/5 !

Tarik Qahawish, Dec 23, 2017

I have been coming to do my regular cleaning with Dr Nassouti for quite some time now and he is just brilliant. Always virtuous and professional and takes my phobia away very easily. Highly recommend them.