Maxillofacial Surgery In Dubai: Now a Possibility


Have you been dealing with an unusual jaw line, which has made you rather insecure all your life? Are you tired of being questioned about it from your relatives and peers and feeling hopeless about finding the ultimate solution? Then, you’ve surely come to the right page!

Not only is maxillofacial surgery, a novel concept in Dubai, but it can only be performed at state of the art facilities, due to the specific equipment needed. Not only does this procedure require highly technologically advanced machinery but it also requires dentists who have years of experience to their name, to pull off a successful surgery, as complex as a maxillofacial surgery, as they have to adapt to new machinery and technology.

This procedure involves a complete alteration of the jaw, so that the jaw line will look normal and flawless, with no marks or indications that such a surgery had ever been performed on your face. Not only will a successful surgery help you to regain a more symmetrical shape to your face, but it will also make your appearance much better and give you a better smile.

Dentists in Dubai have now been performing this procedure for a couple of years, and most of these dentists have gained their experience abroad, while our dental facility too includes foreign professionals who work alongside local dentists. Not only is this surgery a lot more possible for those of you who have been dreaming of perfecting your face shape, but with the facilities available here, you can save up on travelling and accommodation costs and also get the procedure done quicker, with your loved ones beside you, rather than having to travel abroad by yourself to a European country by yourself for the surgery.

The doctor will first take scanned images of your jaw line and structure using panoramic x-ray imaging and then mark the areas of the face which will be altered. After the surgery is performed you will be able to resume all your general activities, such as eating and speaking, and will only have to spend a few days in the hospital. Even though cutting into your jaw may seem scary as it is bound to be rather painful, our dentists will ensure that they place you under anesthesia so that you won’t feel any pain or discomfort throughout the procedure.

This surgery is now becoming increasingly popular and it could truly bring you inner confidence and happiness to see your face in a completely natural shape, so that you can shed your insecurities and enjoy your youth without any worries.

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